Myers - Briggs Personality Test

There are no "right" or "wrong" answers to these questions.  Please indicate your most likely reaction by selecting either (a) or (b) for each question.  Please do not attempt to over-analyze each question (most likely your first immediate answer is the correct one).  When answering, do not answer according to the way you would like to be, instead, according to WHO you are, currently.

What is your Name:

1. Do you prefer . . .
  a. many acquaintances with brief contact
  b. a few acquaintances with more lengthy contact

2. Which describes you better?
  a. practical
  b. ingenious

3. Which expression describes you better?
  a. cool-headed
  b. warmhearted

4. Which appeals to you more?
  a. following a schedule
  b. being open to a change in plans

5. Which is more of a compliment?
  a. "You're a down-to-earth person"
  b. "You're good at coming up with new ideas"

6. Which is more important from people for whom you work?
  a. to be treated fairly
  b. to receive praise when due

7. Do you prefer to have things
  a. settled and wrapped up
  b. open to alteration

8. At a party does your energy
  a. increase the more you talk with people
  b. decrease the more you talk with people

9. Would you rather work with people
  a. who are steady and dependable
  b. who create new and different ways of doing things

10. Is it better to be
  a. firm and fair
  b. warm and understanding

11. Which is worse?
  a. too much spontaneity
  b. too little spontaneity

12. Facts are
  a. the only thing you can count on
  b. the jumping-off point for imagination

13. In order to work most effectively, is it better to have
  a. clearly defined tasks
  b. harmonious working relationship

14. Which word better described you?
  a. organized
  b. adaptable

15. In preparing for a meeting, do you
  a. feel confident you'll say all that needs be said without lengthy preparation
  b. rehearse what you'll say and prepare thoroughly

16. Which do you trust more?
  a. experience and facts
  b. inventiveness and insight

17. Which do you find more persuasive?
  a. the convincing argument
  b. the sensitive approach

18. Do you prefer to
  a. make sure things are planned far ahead of time
  b. just let things happen

19. Which expression are you more likely to use?
  a. "Let's get back to basics"
  b. "The sky is the limit"

20. When making important decisions, do you base actions more on
  a. the logical thing to do
  b. your feeling about the situation

21. Is reaching a judgment on a thing, situation, or person
  a. satisfying
  b. constraining

22. At a gathering, do you prefer to
  a. mingle with many, including strangers
  b. mingle only with a few people you know

23. Which do prefer?
  a. establishing and maintaining standard ways of doing things
  b. solving new problems

24. In dealing with tough situations, do you tend to seek solutions that are base on
  a. reason
  b. harmony

25. Which would you rather do?
  a. work that is clearly contracted for
  b. work that flows spontaneously from the situation

26. Are you more comfortable with
  a. sensible/practical people
  b. imaginative/creative people

27. Which is more satisfying?
  a. discussing an issue in depth
  b. reaching agreement on an issue

28. Which makes you work more easily?
  a. deadlines
  b. no deadlines

29. Do you like to
  a. find out all the news you can about everybody
  b. keep pretty much to yourself

30. Do you tend to be happier when dealing with
  a. the practical and the immediate
  b. "the big picture", leaving details to others

31. Which would you rather have?
  a. consistency of thought
  b. harmonious human relationships

32. Are you
  a. serious and determined
  b. easygoing

33. Are you more likely to read
  a. technical and practical publications for work or hobby
  b. fantasy/adventure/fiction

34. Would you prefer your boss to be
  a. always fair
  b. always considerate

35. Does it bother you more
  a. to leave a project unfinished
  b. to be under a deadline

36. Do you
  a. speak easily and at length with people you don't know
  b. find little to say to people you don't know

37. Do you tend to work
  a. steadily and systematically
  b. with bursts of energy, with slack periods in between

38. Which is the greater personal attribute?
  a. clarity of thought
  b. strength of compassion

39. Do you prefer to
  a. get the basics on a new job and get on with it
  b. spend a good deal of time learning all about a new job

40. Are you more interested in
  a. production/distribution/administration
  b. design/research/development

41. Which do you value more in yourself?
  a. objectivity
  b. depth of feeling

42. Which do you enjoy more?
  a. the planned event
  b. the unplanned event

43. Do you fell more at ease
  a. plunging into new situations with minimum preparation
  b. thinking everything through clearly before starting a new endeavor

44. Do you prefer
  a. tackling the task at hand
  b. planning future projects

45. If you were forced to make a choice, would you prefer
  a. truthfulness
  b. tactfulness

46. Are you
  a. decisive
  b. open-minded

Script developed by: Dr. Ralph Jagodka

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