Myers - Briggs Personality Test

There are no "right" or "wrong" answers to these questions.  Please indicate your most likely reaction by selecting either (a) or (b) for each question.  Please do not attempt to over-analyze each question (most likely your first immediate answer is the correct one).  When answering, do not answer according to the way you would like to be, instead, according to WHO you are, currently.

What is your Name:

1. Do you prefer . . .

2. Which describes you better?

3. Which expression describes you better?

4. Which appeals to you more?

5. Which is more of a compliment?

6. Which is more important from people for whom you work?

7. Do you prefer to have things

8. At a party does your energy

9. Would you rather work with people

10. Is it better to be

11. Which is worse?

12. Facts are

13. In order to work most effectively, is it better to have

14. Which word better described you?

15. In preparing for a meeting, do you

16. Which do you trust more?

17. Which do you find more persuasive?

18. Do you prefer to

19. Which expression are you more likely to use?

20. When making important decisions, do you base actions more on

21. Is reaching a judgment on a thing, situation, or person

22. At a gathering, do you prefer to

23. Which do prefer?

24. In dealing with tough situations, do you tend to seek solutions that are base on

25. Which would you rather do?

26. Are you more comfortable with

27. Which is more satisfying?

28. Which makes you work more easily?

29. Do you like to

30. Do you tend to be happier when dealing with

31. Which would you rather have?

32. Are you

33. Are you more likely to read

34. Would you prefer your boss to be

35. Does it bother you more

36. Do you

37. Do you tend to work

38. Which is the greater personal attribute?

39. Do you prefer to

40. Are you more interested in

41. Which do you value more in yourself?

42. Which do you enjoy more?

43. Do you fell more at ease

44. Do you prefer

45. If you were forced to make a choice, would you prefer

46. Are you

Script developed by: Dr. Ralph Jagodka