Noted opera director, film director, screenwriter and actor

Best known films

1993, Queen Margot / La reine Margot 
           (a remake of a 1954 movie of the same name)

1996,  Ridicule

Not easily categorized, the highly productive director, Patrice Leconte, has established himself as one of France's most respected directors. Leconte made his directorial debut with comedies like the cult LES BRONZES (THE SUNTANNED) and went on exploring other genres. Leconte received critical success with 1989's MONSIEUR HIRE, and 1990's THE HAIRDRESSER'S HUSBAND (LE MARI DE LA COIFFEUSE) - but it was with his 1996 film RIDICULE, that Leconte won the admiration of an international audience while furthering his reputation as one of the French cinema's most treasured artists. His most recent films include THE GIRL ON THE BRIDGE, THE MAN ON THE TRAIN.

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