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Guide to discussing films

  1. What was the theme of this film? What were the film makers trying to tell us? 

  2. What did you learn from this movie? What surprised you?

  3. Was there something you didn't understand?

  4. What did you like best about the movie? Why?

  5. Who was your favorite character in the movie? Why?

  6. Who was your least favorite character in the movie? Why?

  7. Select an action performed by one of the characters in the film and explain why the character took that action. What motivated him or her? 

  8. Describe the use of color in the film. How did it support the emotions the film makers were trying to evoke? 

  9. Analyze the use of music in the movie. How aware were you of the music? How did it enhance the story that the film makers were trying to tell? 

  10. Did all of the events and actions portrayed in the film ring true? Describe the scenes that you found especially accurate. Which sequences didn't seem entirely "real" to you? Why?

  11. Explain the structure of the movie. How was the story told? Chronologically? 

  12. Talk about the editing of the film. Give an example of striking editing. 


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