Jean de Florette
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Based on a novel by Marcel Pagnol entitled "The Water of the Hills (1962). Film in two parts. First part: 'Jean de Florette', second part (which takes place 10 years later) 'Manon of the Spring'. The action takes place in Provence, Southern France. Ugolin wants to grow carnations on his neighbor's lot which has a natural source of water. But Jean de Florette, a man from the city, inherits the land. In order to prevent Jean from succeeding in his attempt to raise rabbits on the land, Ugolin and his grandfather block the source. Jean de Florette dies from his efforts to find water. His widow is ruined, has to sell the property, and leaves the area. On the day of their departure their young daughter witnesses the two men as they unblock the source.

Director & Screenwriter

Claude Berri

Main Actors

Gérard Depardieu, Daniel Auteuil, Yves Montand




120 min


Cesar: Best Actor for Daniel Auteuil
French Academy: Best Film
Nominated Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film


bulletWhat are Papet's (the grandfather's) main traits of character?
bulletWhat are Ugolin's (Galinette's) main traits of character?
bulletWhat are Jean de Florette's main traits of character?
bulletHow does he behave towards his wife and child?
bulletIs Jean de Florette clever or naive in his attempt to start a completely new life? Explain his character.
bulletDescribe the steps needed to make this new life a success.
bulletWhy are all the village people hostile to the newcomers?
bulletDescribe the nature seen (and heard) in the movie.
bulletWhat symbol of death is used twice in the movie?
bulletThe most element in the movie is water. Enumerate the different ways in which water appears in the movie.

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