Colonel Chabert
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Background Napoleonic Wars and Restoration of Monarchy  (1807 / 1817)


Faithful adaptation of a novel by Balzac. Officially dead, Colonel Chabert reappears ten years later to retrieve his titles and his wife.
"Thoughtfully directed, beautifully filmed, and superbly acted, Colonel Chabert is everything one could hope for in a period film" ~ Laura Abraham, All Movie Guide


Yves Angelo

Main Actors

Gérard Depardieu, Fanny Ardant


1994. Yves Angelo's first film


1994, Best New Director Award for this film


110 min

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bulletWhat has the colonel lost besides his fortune? 
bulletDescribe the lawyer's motivation in helping Colonel Chabert
bulletDescribe Count Ferraud's motivations
bulletWhat drives the countess?
bulletWhat are some characteristics of a typical 19th century novel?

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