Camille Claudel
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The real Camille Claudel

True story. Film about love, the depiction of artistic creation, passion and obsession. 
Biography of sculptress Camille Claudel (1864-1943), sister of author Paul Claudel. After years of living with master sculptor Auguste Rodin as a student, co-worker and lover, Claudel descended into alcoholism, depression, paranoia, and madness after he left her. Her disapproving family had her committed to a mental institution where she died 30 years later.


Camille Claudel, Paul Claudel, Auguste Rodin, Victor Hugo, Arthur Rimbaud


Bruno Nuytten

Main Actors

Isabelle Adjani, Gérard Depardieu .  Adjani also produced the film




150 min = 2 h 30 ! 
Shown in two class sessions with an extensive look at Claudel's and Rodin's sculptures


1989 Cesar (French Oscar) for Best Film
1989 Cesar for Best Actress for Isabelle Adjani 
1989 Silver Bear for Best Actress for Adjani at the Berlin Film Festival
1990 Nominated for Oscar for Best Foreign Movie
1990 Adjani nominated for Oscar for Best Actress
1990 Nominated for Golden Globe for Best Foreign Movie


bulletWorks by Camille Claudel
Camille Claudel at the Rodin Museum in Paris
Some sculptures by Camille Claudel
Collections of sculptures by Camille Claudel

Sculptures by Camille Claudel (faster links)
Prayer, 1889;  Implorer, 1900;  Flute Player, 1904

bulletWorks by Auguste Rodin
List of Plasters and Bronzes by  Auguste Rodin
Works by Auguste Rodin
The Gates of Hell, by Auguste Rodin
Another fine site about Auguste Rodin
Rodin Collections in the World

Sculptures by Auguste Rodin (faster links)
Thought;  Crouching WomanDanae;  Gates of HellThe Thinker (top part of the Gates of Hell) ;
  Burghers of Calais

bullet Victor Hugo, world-famous writer and poet, dies in the movie.
Comprehensive Victor Hugo website
bulletArthur Rimbaud, poet, is mentioned in the movie. 
Arthur Rimbaud website
bulletPaul Claudel, writer, poet, diplomat, Camille Claudel's brother
Catholic author Paul Claudel
(Camille Claudel's brother)
Discussion 1. How does the relationship between Camille and Paul evolve?
2. Compare the relationship between Camille and her father and Camille and her mother.
3. What are the stages of the relationship between Camille and Rodin?
4. What scenes in the movie show the link between passion and creation?
5. What are some of the stages of the creation of a statue? What materials are used?
6. What are the rewards linked to artistic creation (in the movie)? What are the miseries?


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