The Closet
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Comedy about a straight man whose colleagues are made to believe that he is gay. Satire on "political correctness"

Background Information

Two interviews with Francis Veber


Francis Veber

Main Actors

Gérard Depardieu, Daniel Auteuil, Michel Aumont




84 min


Good review
Less than good review


1.  Were you offended by what you saw? Why? Why not?
2. Does the movie deal with the subject of homosexuality with respect or in a sarcastic way?
3. What is the main theme? (Homosexuality or the perception of others?)
4  You have seen Gerard Depardieu several times. In this movie you see Daniel Auteuil for the first time. In your opinion, who is the more impressive actor? Why?
5. Francis Veber is the director of the very successful "La cage aux folles" and "The Dinner Game". Both movies were remade as American movies in Hollywood as "Birdcage" and "Dinner for Schmucks".  Why was "The Closet" not remade?


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