The Dinner Game
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Jacques Villeret,
Created by Caricature Zone

Le dîner de cons


French farce based on a play and inspired by a real game played in Paris, "The Dinner Game" consists of a group of yuppies who engage regularly in a competition of scouting for "jerks" (un con) and inviting them as guests to their dinners. Pierre is sure that he will get the prize for the most obnoxious jerk possible when he invites François Pignon, an accountant from the Ministry of Finance. The accident-prone François turns the tables on his elitist host, who proves to have plenty of problems of his own. What follows is the amusing work of the meticulous architect (Francis Veber) of a monumental mess. One of the highest-grossing films in France.


Francis Veber, author of "La cage aux folles"

Main Actors

Jacques Villeret, Thierry L'hermitte




80 min


bulletCesar Award Best Actor (Jacques Villeret), 
bulletCesar Award Best Supporting Actor (Daniel Prevost) 
bulletCesar Award Best Screenplay for writer/director Veber


bulletThis film is based on a play by Francis Veber. It's a type of vaudeville. Define a 'vaudeville'
bulletIs this a "simple" movie? Why? Why not?
bulletIs this a "good" movie?  Why? Why not? 
bulletDoes François Pignon have any depth or is he just a "bumbling idiot"?
bulletWhat role do women play in the movie?
bulletName three traits of character for each main character in the movie.
bulletWhy does Pignon stay whenever he is about to leave?
bulletEnumerate all of Pignon's inanities and mistakes.
bulletWho are the 'victims' in the movie?
bulletWhat's the 'moral' / lesson  of the story
bulletDid you enjoy the comedy or were you put off by the idea of intentionally humiliating another person?

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