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                          La haine



Set in a Paris suburb over the course of 24 hours, this harsh black-and white drama is remarkable for the verve of its authentic performances and its gritty, realistic feel. 
"This movie rocked me." Jodie Foster

Background Information

What is verlan, the "backwards" language used in the movie?


Mathieu Kassovitz,  also screenwriter

Some Actors

Vinz Vincent Cassel (le blanc); Hub Hubert Koundé (le black); Saïd Saïd Taghmaoui (le beur); Abdel Abdel Ahmed
Benoît Benoît Magimel; Médard Médard Niang; Arash Arash Mansour
Young Skinhead Mathieu Kassovitz




Best Director, Cannes Film Festival 1995


91 min


bulletWhy, do you think, was the film made in black-and-white?
bulletWhy, do you think, does the plot take place in (only) 24 hours? 
bulletDo you think that the ending is appropriate?
bulletWhy were those three young men chosen as main characters?
bulletWhat are the main themes of the movie?
bulletWhat would be different if a movie about the same subject were made in the U.S.A.?
bulletThe police is shown under two different aspects.  Which ones?

A review

An interview with Mathieu Kassovitz and Jodie Foster


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