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This epic story is set during the French occupation of Southeast Asia in the 1930s. Catherine Deneuve plays a plantation owner who searches for her adopted Vietnamese daughter Camille after the young woman falls in love and becomes a communist revolutionary. 

Background Information

Indochina, colonization, the First Indochina War (for independence), the Vietnam War


Régis Wargnier

Main Actors

Catherine DeneuveVincent Perez, Linh Dan Pham




1992 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.


2.5 hours.  Because of its length, the film will be shown in two parts.

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1. Name 4 or 5 characteristics of life in the colonies.
2. What are Eliane's main traits of character? (the owner of the rubber plantation) 
3. What are Guy's main traits of character? (the "director of security")
4. Who are the first people to be assassinated in an occupied country? Why?
5. What different kinds of love are shown in the movie?
6. Shortly before the end of the movie, the mother addresses a person saying "you". Who is that "you"?
7. Why does Camille refuse to return to her mother's estate? 


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