Manon des Sources
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Based on a novel by Marcel Pagnol  entitled "The Water of the Hills (1962). Second part of a two-part film. First part: 'Jean de Florette'. This second part takes place 10 years after the end of the first part when Manon's father died trying to dig a well to find water. Manon has come to live like a shepardess in the hills surrounding the village. Ugolin observes her and falls in love with her. Manon takes revenge by blocking the water that flows into the village fountain. She openly accuses Papet and Ugolin for having killed her father. Ugolin commits suicide. Manon and the new teacher marry. A revelation at the end of the movie changes the whole situation drastically.


Claude Berri

Main Actors

Daniel Auteuil, Emmanuelle Béart, Yves Montand




114 min


Cesar for Best Actor for Daniel Auteuil
Cesar for Best Supporting Actress for Emmanuelle Béart


bulletWhat are Manon's main traits of character?
bulletWhat are the teacher's main traits of character?
bulletDescribe Ugolin's feelings and behavior.
bulletDescribe the religious and the anti-religious aspects of the movie.
bulletWhat does Delphine (the blind old woman) reveal?
bulletWhy does Papet die?

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