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Oral Presentations
Thursday, November 29, 2007

     All your classmates are looking forward to your presentation. Make it interesting! (And don't forget to bring a little bit of food or drink !

     The first time one watches a movie, oneís attention is generally absorbed by the story line. The spectator generally does not become conscious of the hidden motives of the characters, of the structure of the movie, i.e. of the directorís work, of the camera manís work and of the actorsí work until s/he sees the movie for a second time.

     You can review all the movies that we saw in the Cinema class in the Language Learning Center (LLC) on the second floor of the Learning Tech Center/Library (bldg. 6). Use of the LLC is free (with a student ID).

     Please do not rely on other peopleís opinions for your oral presentations. Form your own opinions by watching the movies again (and again). Successive viewings will increase your understanding and your appreciation of them.
     Rule 1
     Keep your oral presentation short and focused! (Maximum 5 minutes)
     Rule 2
     Look at your classmates while talking to them! Do NOT read!
     Rule 3
     Use your own ORAL style! Do not use somebody else's words or sentences!
     A list of possible topics is available on a separate page. Here are the instructions for choosing a topic on that 
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