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Tentative Time Line for the Fall 2007 Semester

Week Date

Essays and Oral Presentation

Week 1

Aug 30

Brief survey of the history, architecture and social situations during the Middle Ages.
Film "The Passion of Joan of Arc", Dir. Carl Dreyer. Drama (true story)
Film 87 min. Discussion

Week 2

Sep 6

Introduction to the vocabulary of film making and film analysis.
 Brief survey of the history, architecture and social situations during the
Renaissance. 16th Century.
Film "The Return of Martin Guerre", Dir. Daniel Vigne (true story).
Themes: False identity, forbidden love, way of life in a 16th C village. 
Film 123 min. Discussion

Week 3

Sep 13

17th century. Brief introduction to the theater and opera of the French Classic Age. 
Film "Cyrano de Bergerac", Dir. Jean-Paul Rappeneau (play by Edmond Rostand). Themes: Secret love, false identity, "préciosité", war between France and Spain.  (true story)
Film 135 min !  Discussion

Week 4
Sep 20

Essay 1 due
17th century. Brief survey of the political situation and life at the court(s) at the time of Louis XIV. Impressive display of grandiose entertainment and extravagant clothes. (true story)
Film "Vatel" in English, Dir. Roland Joffé. Themes: Luxury and intrigue at court, poverty in the country. Film 115 min. Discussion

Week 5

Sep 27

19th century. 
The Widow of Saint-Pierre, Dir. Patrice Leconte
True story, taking place in 1849 on the island of Saint-Pierre-de Miquelon, Newfoundland, Canada, a French overseas territory. Big production film, superbly acted, denouncing the death penalty. 110 min. Discussion

Week 6

Oct 4

19th century
The Horseman on the Roof, Dir., Scr.
Jean-Paul Rappenau
. Based on a novel by Jean Giono
In a world ravaged by wars (between France, Austria and Italy) and an epidemic of cholera, in 1832, two strangers--a beautiful French countess searching for her family and a handsome Italian rebel who is being hunted by Austrian assassins--discover that their only chance for survival is each other. A grand epic and romanesque movie.
135 min. Discussion

Week 7

A brief introduction to Impressionism and life before WWI
"A Sunday in the Country, Dir. Bertrand Tavernier. Themes: 19thC vs. 20th C  life style. Impressionism. Music by Gabriel Faure
Film 94 min. Discussion

Week 8
Oct 18

Oral presentations by students on a character or theme chosen from one of the films

Week 9
Oct 25

The German occupation of France (1940-1945).
Film "Au revoir les enfants", Dir. Louis Malle. Themes: Separation of parents and children, life in a boarding school, pursuit of Jews, deportation. Film 103 min. Discussion

Week 10
Nov 1

Contemporary France: Café au lait, Dir. Mathieu Kassovitz
Lola, a beautiful Caribbean girl living in Paris, has two lovers, Felix, a Jewish white man, and Jamal, a Muslim black man. Felix is a courier on a bicycle, and loves rap music. Jamal is a law student who wears expensive suits. When Lola discovers that she is pregnant, the men must decide whether they want to stay with her or not ...  Themes: 'Ménage à trois', racial relations. Film 96 min. Discussion

Week 11
Nov 8

Contemporary France: Film "Hate", Dir. Mathieu Kassovitz.
Brief introduction to problems of immigration, racism and unemployment in France
Themes: Young unemployed immigrants pursued by the police, hatred, boredom, verlan (a street language in which syllables are inverted). Film reflecting the problems that led to recent protests in France. Film 95 min. Discussion. 

Week 12
Nov 15

Blue, Dir., Scr. Krzysztof Kieslowski 
Part of a trilogy "Blue, White, Red" which explores different aspects of love. The color of the title dominates the film. Blue explores the slow return to the enjoyment of life and love after the loss of a loved one. Music plays an important role.  Film 100 min.
Discussion. OR

Week 13
Nov 22

Thanksgiving, no classes

Week 14
Nov 29

Oral presentations by students on a character or theme chosen from one of the films

Week 15
Dec 6

Contemporary European Union, L'auberge espagnole, Dir. Cedric Klapisch
Interesting look at the challenges and stereotypes confronting 7 students from 7 European countries cramped together in an apartment in Barcelona. Best Young Actress Award for Cecile de France. Nominated for six Cesar Awards in 2002.
Film 120 min. Discussion

Week 16
Dec 13

Final Essay and any Make-up Essays due
Final exam week. No classes



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