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Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulin
The wondrous destiny of Amelie Poulin


Amélie, a waitress in a bar in Montmartre, in the northern part of Paris, spends her time observing people and letting her lively imagination roam. Her goal: improve the lot of the people around her by intervening in their lives without their knowledge. She meets Nino, a strange fellow, who also pursues a bizarre goal. He works in a sex-shop, but spends his free time collecting rejected I.D. pictures taken in photo machines in train stations. 

Jean-Pierre Jeunet creates a world of vivid imagination, color, movement and romance in a film that became a sensation in France and charmed audiences around the world.


Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Main Actors

Audrey Tautou, Matthieu Kassovitz




Cesar Award for Best Film, Director, Music and Production Design.


122 min

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bulletDescribe some of the fast vignettes used to illustrate Amelie's childhood.
bulletName two or three traits of character of Amelie.
bulletName two or three traits of character of Nino.
bulletWhat do they have in common? Why are they attracted to each other?
bulletWhy are special effects used in the movie? What special effects?
bulletWhat does Amelie do to punish (and reform) Collignon, the owner of the grocery store?
bulletWhat does the painter do to help Lucien, the employee at the grocery store?
bulletWhat does the painter do to help Amelie?
bulletWhat role does the painting by Renoir play in the movie?
bulletDescribe the Parisian characters in and around the Montmartre café: Suzanne, Gina, Joseph, the woman in the newspaper kiosk.




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