Café au lait

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Lola, a beautiful Caribbean girl living in Paris, has two lovers, Felix, a Jewish white man, and Jamal, a Muslim black man. Felix is a courier on a bicycle, he loves rap music. Jamal is a law student who wears expensive suits. When Lola discovers that she is pregnant, the men must decide whether they want to stay with her or not ... Jamal takes on a job selling hamburgers and takes care of Lola. But ....


Mathieu Kassovitz

Main Actors

Mathieu Kassovitz,  Julie Mauduech, Vincent Cassel, Hubert Kounde




96 min


1994, Nominated for two César awards: best first film, most promising young actor (Kassovitz)


1. Characterize Lola and her background
2. Characterize Felix and his family
3. Characterize Jamal and his background
4. Name several characteristics of this film that make it 'special' / 'different'
5. Explain the French title of the movie "Métisse" and the English title "Café au lait"

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