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Valentine returns a dog to his owner, a grouchy retired juge who illegally eavesdrops on his neighbors. Thanks to Valentine's friendship the judge becomes reconciled with humanity. By suggesting that she take the ferry rather than an airplane to go to England, the judge influences her destiny. A circular story. Third film of a trilogy, Blue (liberty), White (equality), Red (fraternity). The color red dominates the film. 
Background Information Interview with K. Kieslowski
Director Krzysztof Kieslowski
Screenwriter Krzysztof Kieslowski
Music Zbigniew Preisner
Main Actors Irene Jacob (Valentine), Jean-Louis Trintignant (the judge)
Awards 1994, Nominated for three Academy Awards, including for Best Director
Year 1993
Length 95 min
Quote from
"Blue" is the showcase piece for artistic direction, "White" the starkly contrasting but highly articulate portrait, and "Red" the most graceful and warmest of the three films. Review


1. Enumerate all the red elements
2. Explain the circular structure of the movie. Who is the young neighbor who passes the bar exam in the movie? 
3. Is individual freedom that is the result of withdrawal from active life and reality really freedom or rather a form of egoism?
4. Are the judge and Valentine in love? Describe the attraction between them.
5. Describe all the 'incidents' that brought Valentine and the young lawyer close to each other.
6. Describe Valentine's character. What makes her the 'ideal' woman?

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