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A French woman and a Polish man get a divorce in Paris. The Pole manages to return to (newly independent) Poland and quickly becomes rich. He simulates his own death to force his ex-wife to come to Poland to collect the inheritance because he is still in love with her. Second film of a trilogy, Blue (liberty), White (equality), Red (fraternity), but more humorous than the other two. The color white dominates the film.
Background Information Interview with K. Kieslowski
Director & Screenwriter Krzysztof Kieslowski
Main Actors Julie Delpy (Dominique), Zbigniew Zamachoski (Karol)
Year 1993
Length 91 min
Award "Silver Bear" Award for Best Director at the Berlin International Film Festival
Reviews http://www.filmref.com/directors/dirpages/kieslowski.html
Quote from http://en2.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krzysztof_Kieslowski:
"Blue" is the showcase piece for artistic direction, "White" the starkly contrasting but highly articulate portrait, and "Red" the graceful and warmest of the three films.


1. Enumerate all the white elements
2. Enumerate all the surprises and comic elements
3. Describe conditions in Poland after the fall of the 'Wall'
4. Describe Karol's (traits of) character
5. Does Karol act out of revenge or love? Explain.
6. Explain the ending

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