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The Internet Movie Database:

UniFrance, News about French Films:

100 ans de cinéma français:

Studies in French Cinema at the University of Exeter, England:

Resources for French Cinema, University of Connecticut:

The Cinema Connection (Australian site): 

Database of French Films, plus individual cinéastes: http://hapax.sbc.edu/PARTS-OF-HAPAX/hapax-2-cinema.html

Studies in French Cinema

Eléments de filmologie: 

Strictly Film School (Analysis of landmark world cinema)

Buying and/or Renting Films from all over the world:

Facets Multi-Media, Inc., Chicago
Tel. 1-800-331-6197
Fax 1-773-929-5437
Email: sales@facets.org

Buying and/or Renting French Films:

Boîte noire: many films in French for sales and rentals. You can also e-mail Boite Noire.

Boston French Library: over 600 films on video available for 1 week rentals to members ($50). $15 for 5 rentals. List of films on website.

F A C S E A: an interesting selection of films (some are very cheap), mostly documentaries in French.

Francevision.com: broad selection of French films, children's books and videos, and a complete selection of French music on cassettes and CDs.

Interama Inc.: helps locate or provide videos.Tel: (212) 977-4830. Fax: (212) 581-6582

Service franco-video: mainly videos in French for a young public.Tel: 1-800-TELE-TOT (835-3868). Fax: (305) 665-5027. You can also e-mail Service franco-video.

Unifrance USA, French Film Office: responsible for the promotion of current French cinema outside France. The website contains listings and links for film production and distribution, including an exhaustive database of recent French films. Tel:(212) 832-8860. Fax: (212) 755-0629

Overview of French History: http://instruction2.mtsac.edu/french/french4/frenchhistory/frenchhistory.htm


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