Les adjectifs

  • Adjectives are words that qualify nouns or pronouns.
    Examples: a small child, a crying child, a sick child, a single child.

  • In French, as in Spanish, adjective endings change, depending on whether the nouns they qualify are masculin or feminin, or singular or plural.

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Il est américain.
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Elle est américaine
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Ils sont américains
Cowboy1.gif (3093 bytes)Cowgirlt.gif (3794 bytes)
Ils sont américains
Cowgirlt.gif (3794 bytes)Cowgirlt.gif (3794 bytes)
Elles sont américaines

Attention !

1.  Adjective endings change
masc + e = fem
sing + s = plur
4.  Nationalities are adjectives
     in French and are not
Plural "s" is not pronounced

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