Welcome to my homepage

You have found my website, the Godsend to my students. You'll find many useful things within this site, such as my various syllabi, links to lab and concept tutorial videos, practice tests, lecture notes, etc. Please visit often and use the resources provided because I went through a lot of trouble compiling them.

Chemistry is only as hard as you make it, if you are having problems don't stay silent, ask for help. My classes are cumulative and it is vital to obtain, and maintain, a grasp of the fundamental concepts in order to succeed. If you need help, email me, visit my office, ask me during lab, call my office, sneak into my car, stalk my neighborhood; do whatever it takes because I will do everything in my power to make these classes as painless as possible.


  • "Enjoy your day, and be happy every moment as long as you are alive!!!"

  • "If your dog has stopped barking, your son won't eat his breakfast, your bird is not singing, or your lover forgot your gift, please, be happy and come to class. Life is too short to be angry. By the way, chemistry is fun!!!"

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