Free Software

Some special softwares or plug-ins may be needed to have the best experience with an interactive chemistry site (i.e, to be able to view molecules at all!). Links to some other softwares are also included. If you know a useful FREE software, please let me know.

Acrobat reader:

  • For viewing files in pdf format


  • For viewing interactive web pages

Flash player:

  • Another freeware to view interactive web pages

Shockwave player:

  • Also for interactive viewing of web pages

Star Office:

  • Low price alternative of Microsoft Office

Rasmol/PE (Protein Explorer):

  • Molecular visualization freeware


  • Chime plug-in needed to view some interactive chemical structures


  • Linux freeware from Redhat

ACD Labs:

  • Freeware to draw, name and view organic structures


  • Web-based search for name, structure or chemical formula of a compound - Mt SAC - some rights reserved