Business Plan Templates

Each Plan Section Includes Instructions and Outlines

For your convenience, each section of the business plan is presented in detail - please click on the lnks below for the appropriate section. Each downloadable file (PDF) begins with an outline for content, followed by an annotated outline with detailed instructions for completion. In this way, each business plan section includes the complete instructions, on how to fill out that section of the business plan. You may find these documents to be extremely helpful when you write your first draft of your business plan.  The templates are available in PDF format for your convenience, and will open in a new tab for your convenience.

The Company
    1) Name and location
    2) Company objectives
    3) Industry trends
    4) Company History and Legal Form
Setting Up Chart of Accounts - Financial Plan

    1) Business Insurance
    2) Contracted Services
    3) Debt
    4) Employees
    5) Employee Benefits (Burdened Costs)
    6) Types of Fixed Assets
    7) Supplies and Miscellaneous Expense Items
    8) Occupancy Expenses
    9) Start up expenses
The Product or Service
    1) Description of Products/ Services
    2) Positioning and Competitive Advantage
    3) Legal Protection
   4) Technical / Style Obsolescence
Financial Plan – Amounts
    1) Quotations and Bids
    2) Sheets to be completed
    3) Completion of analyses
        a) Business Insurance
        b) Contracted Services
        c) Debt
        d) Employees
        e) Employee Benefits (Burdened Costs)
        f) Fixed Assets
        g) Marketing, Misc. and Supply Expenses
       h) Occupancy Expenses
        i) Start up expenses
        j) Sales Cycles and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
Marketing Plan 
   1) Analysis of Target Market and Profile of Target Customer
    2) Business and Marketing Strategies
        a) Strategies Based on Business Orientation
        b) Strategies Based on Positioning
        c) Strategies Based on Industry
        d) Strategies Based on Company Diversification
        e) Identify Basic Marketing Strategy
        f) Combined Strategy Statements
    3) Sales System
    4) Distribution Channels
    5) Sales Promotion and Advertising
    6) Pricing Strategies
Personnel Plan  
    1) Description of Management Team
        a) Owners and Key Employees
        b) Background and Experience (Talent Pool)
2) Outside Investors, Directors, and Qualifications
        a) Outside investors
        b) Outside Directors
        c) Outside consultants/ advisors (mentors)
    3) Training and Recruiting Plan
        a) Training needs assessment
        b) Prioritize training needs
        c) Training / educational plan
        d) Recruitment Plan
Operating Plan
1) Operating and Manufacturing/ Service Methods
    2) Description of Operating Facilities
    3) Quality Control Methods
    4) Procedures to Control Inventory and Operations
    5) Sources of Supply and Purchasing Procedures
Financial Statement Consolidation
   1) Operating Expenses
    2) Break Even Sales Volume
    3) Balance Sheet
    4) Cash Flow Statement
    5) Profit and Loss Statement
    6) Statement of Personal Net Worth
Executive Summary
    1) Cover Page
    2) Description of business
    3) Mission and Goals
    4) Key financial projections

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