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This page outlines the specific resources available and how to use them: ConsultaPedia Career Resources

5-Step Career Development Process

Building a successful career requires more than just finding a job that pays well. It takes careful planning, intentional action, and a commitment to continuous learning and professional development. However, navigating the career development process can be overwhelming, especially for college and university students who are just starting out in their fields. Here is a 5-step process for achieving successful career development without getting overwhelmed: 5-Step Career Development Process

Take Our Online Career Test

It can be very helpful to complete our careers test if we're not sure how to get started, or would like to explore multiple alternative careers based on our preferences. Our 60 question survey asks how much we'd enjoy performing very specific work tasks - and provides results with career recommendations that might be most appealing to our needs. Our Careers Test page also provides job listings, career preparation details and updated career-specific web resources to help us secure a job: Take Our Online Career Test

Career Change Portal

Due to layoffs, burnout or determining that we no longer find our existing career meaningful, we may be searching for a new career path. If we would like to change careers, how can we get moving? Use our Career Change Portal - it starts with searching thousands of specific job titles, and ends up providing active job listings and details for any of several related career paths and jobs: Career Change Portal

Search for and Get a Job Immediately

This page allows you to search for active job listings immediately. You can specify the title of the job you seek ("sales" is the default), specify the U.S. city location (your city is the default), specify the distance from location, and specify when the job was posted:
Search Active Job Listings

Get a Job While a Student - Work From Home

It might be helpful to identify, prepare, apply for, and obtain a "virtual" or "stay at home" job. This page has been designed to help you:
Get a Job During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Work From Home

If we know which career we want

If we already have a good idea about which career we seek, we may start our preparation by searching using specific keywords:
Specific Career Terms.

If we'd like to explore careers by academic discipline or major

Explore careers by selecting from over 100 disciplines and majors:
Academic Degree Majors

If we'd like to explore careers based on what we qualify for (now or in the future)

Browsing careers based on various levels of educational achievement can help us to discover careers that we might never have considered. This may help us to identify jobs that we qualify for now, or in the near future.
Explore Careers based on Level of Education and Experience Required

If we'd like to explore careers based on categories

Browsing careers based on categories (SOC Codes) can also help us to discover careers that we might never have considered. This tool provides a great way to explore careers from general to specific - using Standard Occupational Codes (SOC) as filters:
Careers based on Categories

General Resources

International Trade Career Pathways - Videos regarding skills needed for various international trade careers
Career Resources You Need to See - Resources to help you get started
Networking - A great resource to help get you started with relationship networking
What Color is Your Parachute - Web portal for careers and job-hunters
MyNextMove - What do you want to do for a living - many resources to help
International Employment Opportunities - The Federation of International Trade Associations
Career Fair Calendar - Calendar of upcoming Career Fairs (FREE) for LA and Orange Counties
Job Trends LMI - Monthly Labor Market Information - by the California Employment Development Department (EDD)
Career Cluster videos - Check out these conscise videos regarding various career choices
Resume Templates - Resume templates you can use (FREE)
Career Planning - 4-year plan to move toward career while in school, from Bowling Green State University (pdf)
GlassDoor - Great site with salary surveys, and employee feedback on particular companies - One of the best networking sites out there - find a group here or abroad
Indeed - A great job portal that searches other site and compiles results
ZipRecruiter - A great job portal with original job listings
SimplyHired - Another great job search portal
LinkedIn - Great professional networking portal
Monster - Find a large array of career resources here
Your Future in International Trade - Career publication by World Trade Week (Full Text - 1,372 KB - .PDF)

Tools & Databases

Career Plan - This MS Word template will take you through a detailed career exploration process
Precedence Ranking - Interactive precedence grid - can be used to prioritize career preferences
O*Net - Occupation portal - helps identify which occupation may be right for you
Zob Zone - O*Net occupations sorted by level of preparation/education/skill (entry level appear first)
Career Profiler - Occupational Career Profiler - Identify which type of career best suits your preferences
Qualifications Brief and Cover Letter - How to identify and contact potential employers, for effect
Career SWOT - Compete the on-line Career SWOT analysis
Salary by Keyword - Search Salary data based on keyword and location
Salary Wizard - Determine the salary range for a variety of jobs
Standard Occupational Classification Codes (SOC Codes)