Principle 2:
Success With Persistent Opportunism

Always keeping an eye open for opportunity and positive change is the earmark of successful entrepreneurs. Such characteristics as persistently asking why deviations occur and how they can be prevented or exploited, and an incessant drive to move forward are typical of successful entrepreneurs. It is not a gambling-type of mentality. It is a calculated opportunistic sense of action that is peculiar to successful entrepreneurs. The inclination of opportunity hunting is maintained throughout their career and does not end with the initial founding of the company. Successful entrepreneurs continually seek opportunities within and outside the realm of their current business to create growth essential for long-term success.


  1. Exploit the changes in patterns
  2. Scan everything to know the patterns
  3. Respond to opportunities in problems ... your own, and those of your cutomers, vendors and competitors
  4. Never be comfortable with where you are

Maxim 1: Look for changes in patterns and exploit the revealed opportunities.

Successful entrepreneurs do not pre-plan every move they make. They allow themselves room to react to opportunities that may suddenly reveal themselves. Successful entrepreneurs view the deviations or problems they see within and outside of their organization as potential opportunities for growth. There is a strong drive to constantly move forward. Continually seeking and exploiting opportunities is a trademark of successful entrepreneurs. Sometimes, noticing an opportunity in a pattern is luck. For successful entrepreneurs it is part luck, and a lot of pattern studying.

Maxim 2: Scan everything to know the regular patterns so that you can apply a successful concept to different situations.

Successful entrepreneurs devour information on their industries. They keep abreast of new and prevailing trends and technologies in their current and related industries. This is the source of discovering new opportunities. Successful entrepreneurs are always looking for new markets, new applications, new products, or a new twist on an old concept. This scanning behavior is more than just a past time among successful entrepreneurs, it is part of a habit. Another part of that habit is to respond to the opportunities they find.

Maxim 3: Respond to opportunities in problems ... your own, and those of your customers, vendors, and competitors.

Successful entrepreneurs do not see problems as barriers. They see them as opportunities for improvements and new businesses. An optimistic mentality prevails among successful entrepreneurs. They are not deterred by temporary setbacks in their ventures. According to successful entrepreneurs, the various problems that they have, and those that their customers, suppliers or competitors face all represent a wealth of potential opportunity waiting to be discovered. It is all a matter of perspective.

Maxim 4: Never be comfortable with where you are.

Successful entrepreneurs proactively seek out their future. They are always looking ahead and asking "what's next?" They believe that growth will not happen if they are satisfied with the status quo. Successful entrepreneurs have certain targets in mind as they grow their companies but they never stall out when they reach one of their goals. In a constant quest for the new and the challenging, these entrepreneurs are not satisfied with scaling only one wall. Opportunities are challenges to learn new things. Successful entrepreneurs prefer the challenge of growth compared to a comfortable plateau.

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