International Business Resources

General Resources

Country Data - Find data about many countries here
Breaking News Around the World - Find out what is happening worldwide
Skills Needed For Effective International Marketing - Full-text book
Build International Marketing Skills - Detailed web resources on how to build these skills
Negotiating - Negotiation tactics used around the world
Negotiating (Side-by-Side) - Presented side-by-side for easy comparisons between 2 countries
Tips - By Country - Hofstede Dimensions and Business Etiquette & Protocol
World Values Survey Data Analysis Tool - Online tool where you can compare multiple countries based on survey responses. Great for cultural research.
Coface - Country Risk Assessment and Sector Risk Assessment Data
U.S. Trade Forms - U.S. forms for import and export (download with instructions)
BNA - Bloomberg Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) International Trade Law Resource Center (free trial)
Reuters - International Trade import/export compliance information
TradingEconomics - has economic indicators across many countries
globalEDGE - MSU International business resource page - one of the best
Escrow - This website offers a non-bank method for trade payment - escrow
Taxation and Investment Guides - Deloitte taxation and investment guides for many countries
Business Ethics - ITA manual on managing ethics in emerging market economies (PDF)
2022 Trade Finance Guide - Guide to international trade finance methods (PDF)
USTradeAssistance - This website has search directories for logistics, forwarding, finance service providers
Export.Gov - Country and Industry Market Reports
Global Financial Integrity - Center for International Policy website with great information about world financial trends
World Search Engines - Directory of country-specific search engines
Information Guide - World Trade Information Guide for Southern California - World Trade Week
U.S Tariff by Commodity - Determine tariff rate for any product
Current HTS - Tariff Data - Current U.S. tariff and trade data from the USITC
EU TARIC -  European Union tariff and classification web information and data
U.S. Customs Import and Export info - Links to importing/exporting issues, publications and forms
Europages - Website with full search access to over 500,000 European companies (buy & sell)
Law Library - Law Library with detailed data for most countries
Trade Show Network - Trade show info for 106 industries worldwide
World Competitiveness - Scorecard criteria and detailed criteria listing
Tales from a Small Planet - Cultural information for expats
FTZ Manual - manual for FTZ usage and classification of merchandise(Full Text - 1,882 KB - .PDF)
Letter of Credit Guide - practical guide by ScotiaBank (Full Text - 733 KB - .PDF)
Trade Documentation Guide - World Bank tutorial (Full text - 654 KB - .PDF)
U.S. Government Agencies - A to Z listing of U.S. Departments and Agencies

U.S. Import & Export Trade Databases

Datamyne- U.S. Import and Export trade database
Panjiva- U.S. Import and Export trade database
PIERS- U.S. Import and Export trade database
ImportGenius- U.S. Import trade database

Export Resources

Exporting Resources - This page has great resources to help you with all aspects of export trade
Top Country Reports - International Trade Administration reprots to help you determine next export destination
Export Business Planner - Great SBA book to help you start exporting (Full text - PDF)
Country Commercial Guides - International market research to help with export sales
ITA Publications - The International Trade Administration (ITA) - export-trade publications you can access and download
CE Marking - Want to export to Europe? Here are details about CE Marking requirements
Country Profiles - Country profiles and details to help you ship internationally by FedEx
Breaking Into the Trade Game - A Guide for Exporters SBA (full text)
EXIM Guide to Export Credit Insurance - EXIM Bank Guide to export credit insurance (PDF)
A Basic Guide to Exporting - U.S. Department of Commerce book (2016 Edition - full text available on-line)
BIS's Denied Persons List - Denied Persons List
EAR - Export Administration Regulations Database by BIS
CEEC - Export Compliance Best Practices standards for export compliance programs
Import Regulations in the EU - Discusses importing into the EU

Import Resources

Importing Resources - This page has great resources to help you with all aspects of import trade
Importing Into the United States 2006 Edition - U.S. Customs Service book (Full text - 468 KB - PDF)
Informed Compliance Publications - U.S. Informed Compliance publications you need to see
Binding Ruling Search - Search U.S. Customs binding rulings regarding classification - Binding Ruling Request
U.S. Import Requirements - U.S. Customs Service (Full text - 65 KB - .DOC)
Exporting Commercial Shipments to the U.S. - Canadian perspective (Full text - 247 KB - .PDF)
Customs Valuation Encyclopedia - 2016 Edition (Full text - PDF)
Customs House Broker Handbook - U.S. Customs House broker compliance (Full Text .PDF)
FDA Guidance for Importers - Guidance book for U.S. importers (Full text - 32 KB - PDF)

Tools & Databases

U.S. Trade Balance by Product - Pick a commodity to see historic US - World trade balance
Trade Stat Express - U.S. Department of Commerce ITA Trade Statistics (U.S.-centric)
Market Access Map - Identify customs tariffs, tariff rate quotas, trade remedies, regulatory requirements and preferential regimes applicable to your product.
ITC Trade Map - World-centric international trade statistics
Negotiating Style Assessment Tool - Online tool to help you determine your negotiating style(s)
SelectUSA - Foriegn Direct Investment data for the United States
CBP Systems - Customs & Border Protection automated systems
UN Comtrade - Query non-U.S centric trade data (e.g., Korean imports from China, Japan, etc.)
WITS - World Bank's World Integrated Trade Solution (non-U.S. centric trade data)
USITC DataWeb - Provides international trade statistics and U.S. tariff data to the public full-time and free of charge
Bureau Van Dijk - Worldwide company information
Eurostat - European trade statistics
Observatory of Economic Complexity - mapping world trade data
Duty Calculator - determine the duty rates for imports and exports worldwide
e-CFR - Electronic Code of Federal Regulations on-line data set
Search HTS - Search the HTSUS data set for classification
Export Concordance - U.S. Census Bureau multiple classification number tables (browse or search)
Import Concordance - U.S. Census Bureau multiple classification number tables (browse or search)
International Trade Terms - Dictionary of trade terms (pick-list or keyword search)
International Marketing Skills Assessment - Checklist to conduct international marketing skills audit (PDF)
Knoema- Great site with much free access to publicly available datasets
FRED - Federal Reserve Economic Data, with excellent research capabilities
Schwab Predefined Screens - Predefined ETF Screens